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GEO Climate Reader

Get current weather report
right on your iPhone/iPad where you are

GEO Climate Reader

Geo Climate Reader is an exclusive mobile App for iPhones and iPads. It brings you location base weather conditions right on your iPhone/iPad. It will inform you about the total weather condition of a certain territory.

Temperature, Wind Speed, Humidity, Precipitation, Pressure, Location, Wind Direction, Wind Chill and some other exceptional features that you would not find in any other mobile App.

It will provide you the definite weather condition with a greater visual experience.

GEO Climate Reader is unique. Install it into your iPhone/iPad and enjoy the great features of the app you deserve.


Definite weather condition with a greater visual experience



GEO Climate Reader App will show current humidity and information about reliable humidity depending on user location.

Wind Direction

GEO Climate Reader provides wind direction report which helps you to take preparation on the basis of weather condition.

Wind Chill

GEO Climate Reader knows wind chill at your location so you can be prepared before.


GEO Climate Reader knows wind chill at your location so you can be prepared before.


The current temperature of your location.

Wind Speed

The current wind speed.


GEO Climate Reader provides the information about rainfall count. It has designed to give the user an idea about the average rainfall and total rainfall for the specific place.

Additional Weather Factor

GEO climate reader informs you the various weather factors of the current location with the compass.


You can measure Latitude and Longitude of the location.


This app is providing you a lot advantages. Let's see these advantages


It's a reliable and definite App that provides most reliable data.

Weather Condition

You will get the perfect weather conditions for your daily life by using this app.


This App is helpful to take certain decisions related to weather conditions.


This App provides certain weather information and helps ensure safety of your property and life.

Time Save

You do not need to watch TV news or search on the internet to know weather updates.GEO climate reader shows weather information and news without killing your valuable time.

We are capable of providing the best in class

 in terms of conformance, quality, reliability and security