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Say "HELLO" to HeloOps

When it comes to mobile application developments for aviation industry, we find that there is lag in mobile application developments. As a solution we introduce HeloOps for pilots.

This has been designed with the intention of abolishing the paper based navigational charts and reducing the possible human errors.

This is a reliable fast and convenient aviation application that has been designed with emphasis on improving the flying operations of pilots operating the "Bell 412" helicopters.

This software is capable of providing accurate and instant calculations for various operations and also easy touch predefined navigation calculations. These attributes of this application is of great significance in the aviation industry as it minimises the manual errors that were a common feature with the usage of paper-based charts.


100% Accuracy

Accurate and instant figures for various operations

Easy Touch

Easy touch predefined navigation calculations

Minimises the Manual Errors

Minimises the manual errors that were a common feature with the usage of paper-based charts

Ruling the roost over other aviation software

The advantage of the HeloOps Mobile App is it’s user-friendly features in comparison to other available aviation mobile software. HeloOps is one of the best available aviator Apps till to-date that has been designed especially to pilots who operate "Bell 412" helicopters.

It is suitable for all iPhones. Not to forget it's pricing at only $9.99 that makes it the ideal suitor for the tag, "Low Cost and Best Value."

App Support And Special Features

Since this HeloOps application has been designed keeping the aviation industry in mind, it targets at achieving 100% accuracy when it comes to providing all the much-needed data required when one is sitting miles above the earth's surface. Various performance data such as In Ground and Out of Ground Effect Torques, 4ft Q torque, OEI minimum and maximum airspeeds and the amount of torque required in an emergency situation to operate the vehicle for around three minutes when one engine has become inoperative (OEI) are all available at the touch of a finger from this newly developed software.

Some of its well-developed features include delivering power assurance, determining cruise performance, optimum cruise altitude, torque required for hovering at a spot and the mileage in terms of nautical miles covered per pound of fuel consumed. Released on April 8, 2013 as a productivity enhancement application it is supported on all iPhone versions.

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