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Our Process

It all starts from you

  • It all starts with your idea and learning about your vision

    We understand your business technology changes can be challenging. This is why we are here to help you understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats of technological changes in business first and provide you the best solution.

    We consider software development as a combination of art and science. We incorporate user friendliness, soothing graphics with appropriate colour combinations on what we develop. We have fine art and a collaborative team of members at your service.

    We do follow a procedural approach. At the beginning stage, we get you and ourselves involved into a Non-Disclosure Contract, which depicts the extent of confidentiality we should maintain. We have a standard format ready for that purpose, you agree with that, and the process kicks off.

    We advise and offer recommendations to our clients in every step of the way of business.

  • We pick your brains for a few hours ... and maybe a couple more

    First, we understand your concept, discuss and explore different ideas. At the end of the discussion we will produce a Scoring Document which serves a guideline of the application.

  • Timelines, Technical details and the Budget

    After the Requirements analysis we create a Functional Specification Document. This contains a detailed scope, the exact functionality, technical details, timelines and a cost estimate.

  • A tangible form which can be reviewed, refined and fine-tuned

    With the Project Scope in hand we then create an interactive Wireframe design of the application for your audition. A Wireframes is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of the application.

    The interactive Wireframes will allow you to click through to different screens and experience the functionality which enables fine tuning of the application quicker and easier.

  • Interactive and customer focused interfaces create immersive experience.

    Interface design (UX) and interaction design explains customer engagement and virtual satisfaction. A well designed interface should be memorable, intuitive, fulfilling and revisiting.

    We design every button, container and icon from scratch and tailor to your specific needs. The interfaces will be custom designed depending on the requirement instead of using dull old templates.

  • Build, Test, Refine

    With the foundation set in place the development is a breeze. This is the point we know exactly what we're building. We keep you informed of the progress with regular updates.

    The Beta version of the Application will demonstrate you the look and feel of the application at first ready state. Our Agile development method we practice allows us to be flexible without using time consuming change request life cycles.

    Once all the stakeholders are satisfied, we test the Beta version of the application for any further errors and produce the final version.

  • The Launch, the excitement

    In mobile applications, a strong presence in the App Store or Google Play Store makes a huge difference. Our team is always happy to help you with our expertise to make the process a success.

We are capable of providing the best in class

 in terms of conformance, quality, reliability and security