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Warranty Pal

Keep all your receipts, warranty cards safe in hand and alert you before it expires!

It is just few steps away. Take a snap of your receipt or warranty card and store it in your mobile app. This app will help not only for warranty cards but also for your receipts, medications or food items and alert you once it is about to expire. The app supports for both iPhone and iPad with interactive user interfaces.

Warranty Pal’s the ultimate web based content management system for enterprises offers a backend support system to manage mobile data of the application for enterprise level customers

Safety of information

Warranty Pal ensures safety of information. You can save your information without any risk with password protected.

Quick and Easy

You have quick access to your information online or offline at anytime from anywhere.

Simple and Fun

Simple navigations and functionality allows smooth operation. Anyone can use it.


Your current location does not matter at all. Wherever you are, you always have your important information in your hand.


The ultimate to keep all your receipts, warranty cards safe in hand


Store Receipt/Warranty card

Take a snap of your receipt or warranty card and store it in your mobile device.

Warranty Alerts

Receive expiry notifications right in to your phone. Alert yourself before the warranty period expires of any of your valuable items.

Featured Adverts

Be the first to hear about your store deals and promotions.

E-mail Feature

If you want to email receipts or warranty cards to any particular store to buy an extended warranty or to get customer support, it is now few clicks away with Warranty Pal.

Search Items

Warranty Pal’s smooth navigation and quick search, will find your stored items instantly.

Stored Item Review

The “My items” menu enables you to check recently purchased items, items which are about to expire and items which have already expired. The “Featured “menu offers information about more useful apps.

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