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Do you want to keep track your time and location?

About App

GeoSign is an impressive user location monitoring mobile app that has been designed to track employee location, time spent in any specific premises and report real-time information to the central management system (CMS). It provides variety of product features with-in a single app that helps mobile staff and managers to manage their work effeciently. GeoSign supports offline use and allows data to be saved with-in the user’s mobile device and sync with central CMS once internet connectivity is available.

The CMS of this application is a web based solution that supports all mainstream browsers which, allows users and administrative staff to view and manage information. It is capable of generating various reports to help management to track and monitor employees observations. With GeoSign web based CMS each user is able to log on to their own CMS space to see history and personal notes while managers have higher level of access rights to manage users sent information. The goal of this app is to stream line the processes of mobile staff using handheld devices and manage the them using a backend system.

Who use GeoSign?
  • Medical staff - who would keep a record of their observations about patients at a specific location.
  • Mobile technicians - who would travel and carry out location based services.
  • Investigators - who would report their observations real-time about specific actions at a specific location, with –in specific time period to the higher management.
  • A Team of Researchers - who would research location and time based information and report real-time data to the management.
  • Police Inspectors - who would need to report accurate real-time location based information to central management. And many more…


  • User Login & Sign Up: Users who do not have login information initially can use Sign-up feature to register with the system .
  • User Check-in: GeoSign uses current longitude and latitude data to fetch targeted clients available within 70m in radius of the defined location and guide user to check-in the correct location
  • User Checkout: Having successfully checked-in user is allowed to check-out either taping on checkout button on the app or simply crossing 200m Geo-fence (Auto check-out).
  • Emergency Alert: The feature gets activated once the user has entered the geographic area and activates the mobile trigger emergency feature
  • Notes: Allow to send Public and private notes
  • History: History section displays all the places where user had checked-in previously.
  • Clients: Display the list of all the registered clients and helps to check-in a location
  • Profile: Allows user to update the profile information.
  • Mobile Users : Only available for group administrators in group CMS level. It allows adding, editing, deleting and sending group invitations to the users.
  • Settings : Basic information about the app - About the app, Version number, Privacy policy and Terms and conditions.

With GeoSign you are accurate, safe, secured and monitored. For more information and order please contact us.