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PE Weld Bank

PE Weld Statistics Bank Application and Sensor Hardware Development

About App

PE Weld Bank is an IoT solution with a pressure sensor, temperature sensor, mobile app, and a cloud base fusion management system. This is a powerful QA, risk management, and productivity tool that helps accurately track poly welding processes in real-time. It calculates pressure, temperature, and time parameters depending on the weld and then instructs the operator through each step for an accurate weld according to international standards.


  • PE Weld Bank mobile app ensures correct welding parameters are being adhered to by prompting the operator through each fusion welding step, whilst displaying timers, actual pressures, and temperatures.
  • When combined with the Bluetooth sensor device set, PE Weld Bank accurately records the temperatures and welding pressures, allowing instant review of welding results through the interactive onscreen welding graph.
  • All weld data is securely uploaded and stored in the online Fusion Management System (FMS) in real-time, allowing the supervisor to review any weld, track welder and project productivity, and share reports with clients.
  • Wide range of mobile device compatibility. Such as iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices, and Android tablets. Including custom tablets manufactured specifically for PE Weld Bank.
  • Inhouse-designed companion hardware sensors support the latest Bluetooth spec 5.0 to leverage the faster data rate for over-the-air firmware upgrades through mobile applications and accurate data logging.