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Warranty Pal

Keep your important information with you

About App

Warranty Pal mobile App helps to keep your documents, receipts or warranty cards safe in hand, alerts you the important dates of reminders, enables you to contact the authority and provided with many more attractive features.

Warranty Pal is an icloud-supported app, which has the capability of all your Apple devices to automatically synchronize data with it. Therefore, it offers a convenient and quicker access to your data with any version of iPhone or iPad or icloud supported device.

Warranty Pal’s web based Content Management System for Enterprise offers a backend support system to manage mobile data of application for enterprise level consumers.

  • Safety of information:
    Warranty Pal ensures the safety of information. You can save your data without any kind risk here.
  • Fast to Get Info:
    You can get the data so fast. If you want you can avail the data anytime and from anywhere.
  • Straight Way:
    Its operating system is less complicated than any other process. So everybody can use it.
  • Mobility:
    It is providing you great mobility. You can get your keeping info from anywhere in the world.

The application comes with a web based Content Management System which gives a backend supports to manage data for the mobile application.


  • Store Bill or Receipt :
    Take a snap of your bill / warranty card and store them in the Mobile.

  • Warranty Alerts / Reminder Alerts :
    Alert yourself before the warranty expires or of any other important date.

  • Stored bill review :
    It has four essential sections to check items to be expired, items which are already expired and items which are expiring soon.

  • E-mail Feature :
    E-mail your Warranty card/Bill or Receipt straight to your seller and get feedback.

  • Search Bills:
    Quick search to your stored bills through the barcode, bill information and date etc.

  • Featured Adverts
    This section shows your favorite seller information with store deals and promotions.